I think there must be a lot of confusion for a lot of people that the standardized test of students enrolling for MBA courses or applying to foreign business schools is not the TOEFL or IELTS, but the GMAT (https: // www .theeliteeducation.com /) is. gmat)? Is there anything special?

That’s right. Just as the acorn contains the entire oak, many business elites include IQ and knowledge factors in the GMAT test. It will be easier to find out the test makers’ true intent when you understand the reasoning behind the insight. Then the result is only half the work, twice the effect.

On the other hand, the GMAT exam itself has nothing to do with the level of the business world. It reflects the demands or skills that students will face in their future career. Therefore, the GMAT exam is undoubtedly a challenge for beginners. In addition to the language barriers that students must overcome, students must have positive, strong mental health and critical thinking skills.

In addition, the famous Chinese GMAT mentor GWD quotes “the boss at your workplace cannot give you enough opportunities, but GMAT can”. This means that students can gain valuable work-related experience, reasoning and mental strength when the going gets tough. Surprisingly, these traits are exactly what the company’s human resources department is looking for, as well as the requirements for business schools.

Reasons The GMAT test consists of four sections

The GMAT exam consists of four sections which include an AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment), IR (Integrated Reasoning), a quantitative (mathematics) and a verbal section. In this 4-hour exam, you will be tested in the following six areas:

1. The ability to use math

2. The ability to extract information from articles

3. The ability to make logical judgments in different scenarios

4. The ability to precisely organize your language

5. The ability to draw a conclusion based on the analysis of given quantitative data and evidence

6. The ability to criticize a given argument

For example, the AWA is based on a point of view and writes a controversial but logical essay; IR aims to study the ability to interpret information from different sources. As for the other two sections – quantitative and verbal – let’s look at the details below.

GMAT quantitative part

In most workplaces, a manager encounters situations that require quantitative analysis, such as: This is the fundamental skill of a qualified manager.

Managers generally have to process a large amount of data in their work, so some basic statistical knowledge and visualization / analysis skills are in great demand. In addition, other critical skills such as detail-oriented management, precise differentiation, pattern recognition, etc. are strengthened in the quantitative part. In addition, data sufficiency is a unique type of question that is included in the GMAT exam and is not usually found in other standardized exams.

GMAT Verbal Part

The verbal section consists of three parts: reading comprehension, critical thinking, and sentence correction. The theme that runs through the language portion of the GMAT is the importance of critical thinking. Critical thinking is all about thinking and analyzing the information or facts and the ability to make reasonable judgments, such as:

1. Is this information authentic?

2. Why is the information presented to me perceived in this way? How do i verify it?

3. Does this information match the current state of my knowledge? Do I have a complete understanding of it?

4. How can I evaluate this type of information?

If you are to be successful in business, you must learn to distinguish between true and false information and to use critical thinking correctly.

Overall, you may understand why business schools pay so much attention to the GMAT test. But maybe you also have a voice in your head that questions yourself – why do I want to do the GMAT? To put it simply, what are the benefits of the GMAT exam?

The advantages of the GMAT exam

First, from the most realistic standpoint, getting a high score on the GMAT test will help you stand out from all other applicants. Since the GMAT is scientifically designed by a third-party institution, it serves as a credible and objective yardstick for the admissions committee to measure the academic performance of all applicants from different backgrounds. In a more realistic perspective, the average GMAT scores of the admitted students at each business school each year are also used as a reference for the global rankings.

In addition, the GMAT test can be a stepping stone to find an internship in a business school. Many students attending top post graduate programs (https://www.theeliteeducation.com/master-apply) will find it difficult to get into the fast-paced business school environment without prior training in various skills Adapt preparation for the GMAT exam. The GMAT test can also help students quickly familiarize themselves with all aspects of the internship from a different perspective. Hence, it seems much more optimistic to treat the tough GMAT preparation process as a business school warm-up exercise.

In addition, taking the GMAT exam improves your soft skills. It’s easy to see that GMAT focuses on testing a person’s ability to perform logical analysis. In everyday life, many business students tend to think emotionally rather than logically. Therefore, they often make subjective mistakes when it comes to solving a problem. However, this can change with GMAT training. As you prepare for the GMAT, you will feel your logical and critical analysis skills improve. Second, the high-intensity study of the GMAT forces you to overcome decision-making difficulties while strengthening your time management.

In the end, I hope that by now you are more clear about what your goal is. By now, you should have every reason to start mastering and take advantage of the GMAT. Perhaps preparing for the GMAT is a very tough and tiring process, but one day a ray of hope will tell you that it is all worth it!

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