By Magnus Eze, Enugu

the The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) is in the news again for a commendable achievement. The business school made history on October 2nd and was the first business school in Nigeria to do PhD students.

Graduates from various executive doctoral programs, including economic policy, economics, and public leadership, became the faculty’s pioneering doctoral students. Pioneers in the school’s 2018 Doctor of Business Administration class include Billy Okoye (Oil, Gas and Energy Marketing), John Nwakoby (Project Finance), Emmanuel Ezeh (Entrepreneurship and Innovation); Festus Ajanwachuku (Finance) and Emmanuel Okpalaoka (Management).

Others include Iheanyi Nwogu (Finance), Emmanuel Ohakim (Agriculture and Innovation), Ifeanyi Ndihibe (Project Management) and Vincent Eluu (Public Accounting).

During the last three years of their professional doctorate, this group of people had been looking for ways to apply theoretical knowledge in business practice.

The Daily Sun noted that the nine of them are undoubtedly corporate giants themselves, including a director of Nigeria’s National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and top bankers.

The director of the business school, Professor Josaphat Onwumere, said at the graduation dinner organized by the students that the students must always fly the flag as they are their pioneer students.

“You must always represent the true picture of the university, which aims to restore human dignity everywhere,” he said.

As the first institution in their At the country’s business school, Prof. Onwumere noted that the school has a program called Public Leadership designed to encourage students interested in leadership positions in business and government.

“We introduced the program because in the public leadership we pay attention not only to those who fill positions, but also to those who follow them,” he said, adding, “If the leader goes astray, you should can call him to order. ”

He stated that management had promised they would graduate after three years when they walked in. “We kept our promise, even if many people don’t believe it is possible, especially in UNN.”

The director also praised the quality of his pioneering students for the DBA, while also praising the virtue of the institution. He said, “Of course we have a good brand, the owner of the place, the University of Nigeria, is in a class.”

He urged them to “pass on the image of the school, the vision of the school, to be good ambassadors and to support us when we need them.

“Business schools at universities depend on alumni in many ways. That is the base from which we come; what we give you enriches you one way or another. “

In an interview with Daily Sun, Coordinator, Consultancies and Training, UNN Business School, Dr. Chuka Ifediora that with this achievement the school has just shown that this is possible.

Although the experience was like studying on the move, Ifediora found that the main problem was that they took the time to formulate the program and devise the content of the courses.

He said, “What we have at the business school is an offshoot of a respected brand that has to stay. That is professionalism in an academic setting and the truth is that the director or coordinators are people with industry experience. So we let that flow into what we do. At the Business School, we value industrial experience and not just academic. For most of our moderators – the lecturers – we consider their industrial background. “

When asked how the business school could help solve problems in society, Ifediora noted that this was one of the reasons they created the DBA to match people with industry experience.

“We have unbundled many areas. If you look at our graduate students today, they are people who are anchored in different areas in different industries. And from what we’ve given them, we believe they should do their own part. If you say school, the school makes success through its products.

“We have enough PhD students at the faculty level and that’s academic, but what we have here is hands-on experience in the industry. We therefore believe that we can offer practical solutions to societal challenges with our products, ”he said.

One of the pioneering graduates, Emmanuel Eze, an Enugu entrepreneur, praised the institution’s management and staff for believing the journey they began three years ago had just ended.

Eze, who said he was ready to add value to society with the knowledge he had acquired over the past three years, said that “the future belongs to those who are willing to unlearn and relearn , and that’s essentially what I’ve come to do at UNN Business School for three years. I would not have gone anywhere else to look for the knowledge I acquired here.

“The essence of the business school goes beyond the university certificate; it’s what you do with it afterwards and the resulting branding, the value we give back to school and society.

“As an entrepreneur, the time is over when people believed it was all about making money. We live in a very complex environment, agility is part of the game, uncertainty has become normal and for you as an entrepreneur you have to be prepared, you also have to go back and retool yourself. “

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