The program provides business analytics skills and an insight into a range of technologies, tools, and software

It is offered as an eight-month full-time residential course or as a hybrid program

Universal Business School and the University of Dallas have signed an agreement to offer their students an AACSB accredited Masters Degree in Business Analytics (STEM Degree) recognized in India and the US.

The program provides students with the opportunity to learn business analytics skills and experience firsthand a range of technologies, tools, and software such as Jupyter, Tableau, Python, SQL, Big Data, Advance Business Analytics, and Database. It is offered on the Universal Business School campus as an eight-month full-time residential or hybrid program, i.e. online plus six campus visits.

It will also offer an MS in Business Analytics from the University of Dallas for a year. For full-time students who are not aiming for MS, they are given an exit option after completing eight months and a four-month internship at the Universal Business School. They also receive a Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP) from the Universal Business School in Data Science and Business Analytics.

Tarun Anand, Chairman and Founder of the Universal Business School: “The idea is to bring Indian students closer to international best practices that will allow them to learn from the brightest American minds with expertise in the highly sought-after field of business analytics. You will receive an American STEM degree that will prepare you to improve your influence on strategies, processes and decision-making by examining relationships through data analysis. “

Anand also said, “Analytics and digital technologies are deeply embedded in the way the world does business. Adaptability, the ability to reflect across silos, to learn and to work together is also becoming increasingly important and this requires technical and soft skills that we have included in the curriculum. “

The program is suitable for those with an analytical talent who wish to pursue a career in analytics. It is also suitable for working professionals who wish to acquire advanced quantitative skills.

Last updated on November 25, 2021