Hyderabad: SRM University, AP, a premier and new age university in the heart of Andhra Pradesh, works with Harvard Business School Online to offer effective online courses to their students. To eradicate the difference between borders and nations, the university focuses on providing students with a global presence and the opportunity to educate themselves with a variety of courses to stay relevant in the ever-changing economy. Students who are already enrolled in SRM University, AP’s flagship programs and courses, such as the School of Entrepreneurship and Management Studies, now have an added benefit of upgrading their qualifications with the global association.

The collaboration with Harvard Business School Online reflects the international harmony in these unprecedented times and also offers various programs such as Business Analytics, Economics for Managers, Financial Accounting, CORe (Credentials of Readiness) and others. These programs are integrated into the regular courses at SRM University, AP such as BBA, MBA (General), MBA (Business Analytics) and MBA (Banking and Financial Services).

Harvard Business School Online offers a unique and highly engaging way to learn key business concepts. The online certificate and credential programs are offered through HBS Online’s innovative online platform and are designed to bring the Harvard Business School classroom experience to life. The HBS online courses put the participants at the center of the learning experience. The learning model is based on three key characteristics: active, case-based and social learning.

Dr. Satya, President of the SRM Group of Institutions, says that all HBS online courses are led by industry experts and international faculty, and they align seamlessly with global standards of excellence. SRM University, AP encourages students to develop multidisciplinary skills and motivates them to improve themselves while receiving additional support from global peer learning groups. SRM University, AP prepares them to become industry-ready professionals.

Commenting on the collaboration, Prof. VS Rao, Vice Chancellor of SRM University, AP said: “We are concentrating on the mutual growth and success of our students, alumni and lecturers. SRM University, AP has curated a number of courses that support their educational endeavors by providing them with scholarships and financial assistance programs.

The focus of Harvard Business School’s online courses, according to Prof. AVS.Kamesh, is to improve students’ knowledge and skills in various industries.