The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Business School has partnered with the bcm group to launch a new branding platform aimed at encouraging prospective students to pursue further education.

The Make it Real platform developed by the BCM Group is based on the real positioning of QUT and introduces a new, distinctive aesthetic for the QUT Business School with alumni who have made it in their own world.

The platform aims to encourage students to invest in themselves and nurture their inner entrepreneurs.

Chris Platt, Director of Media and Strategy at BCM, said, “We understand that people in all types of businesses increasingly seek to make a positive impact, not just move up to the next salary.

“The proposal puts the career purpose and impact in the foreground and poses the challenge for potential students of the QUT Business School to realize it themselves.

Professor Amanda Gudmundsson, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Law at QUT, said, “Our students come from all walks of life and career levels.

“With this campaign, we wanted to show that QUT Business School is a place where they can feel inspired, included and empowered, their own personal values ​​and the positive impact they can have on the economy and our communities locally and globally to realize. “

Client: Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Executive Marketing and Communications Director: Xavier Amouroux
Executive Dean Faculty of Business & Law: Professor Amanda Gudmundsson
Faculty marketing partner (economics, law, QUteX): Merisa Ruvic Brigg
Marketing Advisor (Business & Law): Emma Sutherland
Visual communication services: Olivia Muir
Creative and media agency: BCM Group
Senior Art Director: Shaun Egan
Senior Copywriter: Sam Boyd
Broadcast Producer: Holly Hayes
Senior Account Director: Christine Malek
Senior Account Manager: Angela Rogers
Senior Account Manager: Claire Zittel
Direction, media and engagement: Chris Platt

Integrated media planner: Laura Webster
Senior Engagement Strategist: Dave Mooney