Fair Game, a group of football clubs supported by experts and politicians, has created a new vision for football

Christina is Director of Policy for Fair Game, an expert and politician-backed group of football clubs that recently unveiled their new vision for football.

Fair Game aims to develop long-term realistic solutions necessary to solve problems related to financial stability, mismanagement of the owners and the separation of the club from the local communities.

Christina, senior lecturer in accounting and financial management, is at the forefront of football reform.

She has coordinated over 40 policy advisors across the country to come up with realistic long-term solutions to football’s problems, ensuring clubs are run well financially, respect gender equality standards, and engage adequately with their fans and their community.

Christina said: “It is exciting to be working with clubs and experts – both academics and practitioners – to try to improve governance across the football pyramid in order to avoid the repetition of Bury FC or Macclesfield Town’s financial troubles.

“It’s great to have so many experts whom you can turn to when the clubs draw your attention to problems that need to be solved.”

It describes solutions to various problems in football, including testing owners and directors, financial sustainability, protecting clubs’ heritage and combating discrimination.

The document is the result of over six months of hard work by Fair Game and follows: Ongoing consultations with the clubs; Recruiting global experts; four workshops; nine expert-led working groups; a 66-page option document; five surveys of clubs; and two open control sessions.

Portsmouth project among the winners of the UK’s largest clean shipping competition

An ambitious project led by the University of Portsmouth has been awarded £ 1.5 million to support the development and demonstration of a green hydrogen energy system at Portsmouth International Port.

The Shipping, Hydrogen & Port Ecosystems UK (SHAPE UK) project was recognized as one of the winning projects of the £ 23mn 2025 funded by the Department of Transport and establishing the UK as the world leader in clean shipping.

The SHAPE UK project will help identify barriers, infrastructure and regulatory considerations that will enable port managers to install a system to generate and store green hydrogen in the port.

It will also deliver a work ship to the Port Authority, powered by a green hydrogen engine.

HR expert recognized as “exceptional manager”

Gary Rees, Head of Organization Studies and Human Resource Management, has been recognized as a Chartered Companion by the Chartered Institute of Personal and Development (CIPD) for his exceptional leadership and impact.

Gary is one of the few people in the UK to receive the award and the first to graduate from university, Chartered Companion is one of the highest levels of recognition in the world of human resources and development.