“An inquisitive mind, a world explorer and a lifelong learner who is fascinated by digital technologies.”

Hometown: Helsinki, Finland

Fun fact about yourself: I was fascinated by computers from a young age and taught myself how to program when I was a teenager. Even so, I’m quite sociable and enjoy the company of people the most.

Basic studies and major: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, MSc, Design and Implementation of ICT Products and Systems

Last employer and job title: ABB, Team Leader / Product Owner, Finland

IMD classes are referred to as the “Mighty 90” because of their talent and versatility. What was the best part about being in a small class with this group of classmates? The school strives for quality and not for quantity, which corresponds to my way of networking with people. The small class size allows the faculty to have a very personal approach to the candidates, starting with the assessment day and throughout the program. In addition, the entire cohort creates strong bonds through the many activities and work in different groups. Finally, the small size enables a feeling of togetherness that carries over far beyond the cohort to the alumni network, which is extremely helpful and supportive.

Apart from your fellow students, what part of the MBA program at IMD brought you to this business school and why was it so important to you? Undoubtedly, it was leadership style that made IMD my top priority when applying. The stream isn’t just about leadership learning – it includes a week of experiential activities, mentoring, coaching, sessions with a Jungian psychoanalyst, continuous feedback, and the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in the huge amounts of group work each candidate participates in I expected a chance to reinvent myself, understand my behavior patterns, develop presentation, communication and soft skills; and get the toolset you need to be an effective leader tomorrow. The stream didn’t disappoint.

What was a favorite IMD tradition or event? Are you afraid of public speaking? Try dancing in public in front of the cohort on your birthday. Tradition certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I loved the experience and the fun we had that day.

Describe your greatest success in your career so far. I have been involved in the success stories of several digital products and services, but I would see my greatest accomplishment on the human rather than the technical side. At ABB, where I was responsible for industrial IoT edge product development, I grew up and led a highly efficient R&D team with a positive culture, high responsibility, strong commitment, deep interpersonal relationships and continuous improvement at the heart of its processes.

Describe your greatest achievement at IMD so far. With the help of two fantastic professors and numerous knowledgeable fellow students, I found my passion for finance, an area that was completely new to me not so long ago. The road to competence is long – but I still managed to master the content of our two courses, which gave me a solid foundation in corporate finance for my future business management tasks.

What made you decide to do an MBA at this point in your career? The impact I achieve has always been the driving force behind my motivation and the source of my fulfillment. I realized that in order to make my impact, I needed to reshape the path of my tech career in a more business-centric direction and bridge the gap between my background and the corporate world. I had been thinking about business schools for a while, waiting for the right moment. After gaining some leadership experience and having a better understanding of the direction I wanted to go in, I was able to start the program in a goal-oriented manner. Additionally, the world has changed drastically and rapidly lately, which I think was an excellent opportunity to take the plunge.

What has been your best memory at IMD so far? The best memory so far is probably the potluck that the Equal Opportunities, Diversity and Inclusion Committee co-organized with the Social Committee. The association had eased restrictions, the class had started vaccination and weekly negative tests allowed us to have a fantastic time together with no safety concerns. We provided barbecue supplies and encouraged people to cook and bring a dish from their culture to celebrate our heritage and class diversity. As a foodie, I really enjoyed trying flavors from every corner of the world and most of all I loved seeing the class united as a unit and enjoying it.