“Adventure-loving foodie; Wine lover; Part-time travel planner; concealed cat lady; Midnight chess player. “

Hometown: Bloemfontein, South Africa

Fun fact about yourself: I appeared on a reality TV dating show in South Africa.

Basic studies and major: B. Accounting (Hons), University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa

Last employer and job title: Geneva Management Group, Finance Manager, UK

IMD classes are referred to as the “Mighty 90” because of their talent and versatility. What was the best part about being in a small class with this group of classmates? A small class enabled me to get in touch with all of my fellow students very early in the program and also means that we benefit from a lot of individual attention from the professors.

Apart from classmates, What part of the IMD’s MBA programming made you choose this business school and why was it so important to you? Four things made IMD stand out:

* I have been very impressed with IMD every time, from my first interactions with IMD, both throughout the application process, to talking to alumni.

* It had a more experienced cohort compared to other business schools.

* IMD really has world class professors and guest speakers.

* The school focuses on developing female talent.

What was the most popular tradition or event at IMD? It would be the thirsty Thursday events and barbecue evenings for the class at the lake. We are in one of the best locations in the world, nestled between mountains and lake, so perfect in both summer and winter.

Describe your greatest success in your career so far: When I joined a newly established UK office for my previous employer, I was tasked with setting up all of the finance functions while leading a remote team of six. My process implementations led to massive cash flow and sales improvements. I was given a lot of responsibility early on and I am proud of the culture that I have created in my team.

Describe your greatest achievement so far at IMD: My personal development in the program is by far my greatest success. I realized that knowledge and intellectual ability will only get me so far in my career; The most important factor is creating the most optimal team environment to ensure that the potential of each team member is maximized. I will definitely leave the MBA and look at team dynamics and the importance of feedback, self-reflection and self-awareness differently. Most of all, I realized that there is always room for self-improvement.

What made you decide to do an MBA at this point in your career? I started my career as an auditor and my time with the Big 4 has put me in various roles in companies. In my last position as Finance Manager, I had experience in the front office and noticed that I like working with numbers. However, I wanted more presence in the front office, cooperation with customers and / or investors and more room for creativity. I also wanted to be in a more strategic role where I could really influence the bottom line. This moved me to do an MBA in order to build on my financial experience and better equip myself for such a career move.

What has been your best memory at IMD so far? It was a ski trip with classmates to Zermatt in winter. It is perhaps the most beautiful place in the world, and we had mulled wine and cheese fondue – in real Swiss