With a goal of educating 1 million students for free by 2025, MAX Business School is leading the way in helping students develop or acquire the skills they need to develop a profitable, scalable, and automated digital business Getting a lucrative, fulfilling and highly sought-after job.

MAX Business School has launched a free Digital Marketing Master’s degree designed to empower those who cannot afford the exorbitant fees that are typical for a Master’s degree.

Scott Kanacher, founder of Max Business School, said the company aims to make progress globally by helping people acquire the creative and analytical skills to lead digital marketing campaigns.

“We help people start their websites and businesses, and we give our students the skills to get digital marketing jobs in any industry or location they’re passionate about,” says Scott.

MAX Business School has helped more than 14,000 students embark on a career in digital marketing since 2020. Its goal is to have 1 million students trained for free by 2025.

The one-month course, which is 100% online, allows students to learn at their own pace.

“What sets the Max Business School apart from the others is that you can determine your own hours. You can take the courses and certifications at your own pace, ”explains Scott.

The school also offers courses for every level, whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced marketing student.

“Whatever your level, you would surely find content that would broaden your knowledge,” says Scott.

The course aims to enable learners to build a profitable, scalable, and automated digital business or acquire the skills required for a lucrative, fulfilling, and highly sought-after job.

For example, Module 1 provides a step-by-step process for creating a fully functional, professional website.

“We’re going to learn about WordPress and set you up with your domain and hosting that are yours,” says Scott.

Module 2 covers all the basics of search engine optimization (SEO), while module 3 covers the setup and analysis of Google Analytics.

Module 4 focuses on email marketing with the class exploring strategies and creating an email marketing account for a website. The module then goes into how to start adding to an email list and what to do with that list.

Module 5 covers Search Engine Advertising (SEM), while Module 6 covers the basics of setting up social media accounts and how to use them properly.

Finally, Module 7 covers the Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms and enables students to learn how to run, scale and optimize ads on these platforms.

The professors of the Master’s degree in Digital Marketing come from and work in industry.

Scott says that this is why the school is responding to the wants and needs of the industry by developing better and more relevant courses and certifications.

Those interested in learning more about the free Digital Marketing Masters course can visit scottmax.com for more information.

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