Legal Medical Consulting is the trusted provider of medical expert services. With over 33 years of experience, this Dallas, TX-based company provides the very best in witness services and advisors on a variety of litigation and material matters. Many healthcare professionals are unaware of the complex laws, regulations, and guidelines that pertain to their doctor’s office. Currently, the company’s goal is to provide a high level of service to its customers and to provide them with compensation for their injuries through their brand new website.

Legal Medical Experts is made up of a team of seasoned legal and medical specialists who provide exceptional service to health care lawyers and executives to help them stay afloat in the confused medical and legal world. “Every doctor comes across legal, medical cases at any time in his practice. However, many health professionals do not deal with such legal implications because of the complexity of the cases. A medical witness at medical legal advice with many years of experience will not only present expert medical reports in the name of a plaintiff or defendant, but will also use his medical reports to prove to the court what a competent doctor would have acted in a particular situation “, says Dr. Rusty McNew, the founder of Legal Medical Experts.

With the acquisition of 133 hospitals, 400 outpatient surgery centers and 23 specialist publications, the company is pleased to make its knowledge and expertise available to lawyers, law firms, insurance companies and insurance agents with the further aim of providing witness and legal advice strategies. This medical legal advisory service will also offer features such as FAQs, a blog, the option “Find Reviewer” and more on their websites in order to close the common medical legal knowledge gaps.

Legal Medical Experts understands the undeniable importance of medical expert opinions and therefore offers medical expert services. In cases of medical negligence and personal injury, lawyers often consult knowledgeable witnesses to provide medical opinions on various issues related to their experience. After all, it takes the knowledge of an expert from the fields of healthcare, nursing and medicine to decide whether the standard of medical care is met. Legal Medical Consulting also offers various medical and legal services, including expert testimony. The company assists with various data points to ensure that witnesses provide qualitative and authoritative evidence to streamline legal affairs.

Legal Medical Consulting has built a reputation for downplaying the business aspects of medical legal work so that health professionals can focus on their role as reviewers rather than being burdened with administrative tasks. Medical expert services aside, it is well equipped to work on decency assessments, resolving high risk clinical issues to prepare for prior filing and study, patient safety and error prevention, and preparing filings and study interviews. Malpractice victims can seek medical advice for justice.

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With over 33 years of knowledge, experience and successful results, Legal Medical Consulting connects the worlds of law, healthcare, nursing and medicine so that lawyers can support their case in litigation. With their knowledge and expertise, the company helps to identify, synthesize, integrate, interpret and communicate relevant medical documents and information on health processes that are directly related to a customer’s case.