Medical legal advice is based in Dallas. They are legal experts on medical cases in Dallas TX. They provide medical expert services and have over 34 years of knowledge and experience. In addition, they have worked with more than 133 hospitals, 265 outpatient surgery centers, and nearly 23 publications. Dr. Rusty McNew is the company’s managing partner. He has extensive knowledge of clinical and health systems. He has immense experience working with legal professionals and legal teams on malpractice diagnosis, wrong-place surgery, treatment, obstetrics and medicine. Dr. McNew has written over 20 books on how to avoid wrongdoing and maintain normal health care.

Medical legal advice offers expert witness services, professional advice and strategic advisory services. They present sharply focused case facts that help customers formulate a convincing story. They evaluate cases and provide lawyers with information on whether the services provided in health care, nursing or medicine correspond to medical standards or not. Medical Legal Advice recently added information on their informative blog that a person needs to hire a medical expert. They have also written articles on their website explaining what an expert opinion is in detail.

An appraiser is a person experienced and knowledgeable in a specific field, such as medicine, who can testify in court and provide an oral or written testimony to help the jury understand the complex information. The expert uses reliable methods, techniques and knowledge to make a solid statement. The testimony is an oral or written opinion given on the basis of facts, information, evidence presented in the case and the knowledge of the expert. To better understand what experts are saying, it is important to go through medical expert examples. An example of a misdiagnosis was discussed on the blog. Stephanie Mc Malone sued Dr. Ricky Ponting for wrongdoing, claiming he misdiagnosed her breast cancer. Stephanie hired an expert to work with various medical experts to provide the facts and information that proved Dr. Ponting violated the standard of care she owed. Stephenie received $ 3.5 million in damages.

Operational errors are also an example of medical malpractice. Patient Julie McGuire underwent intrauterine pressure catheter insertion. However, after the operation, she felt extreme discomfort and pain. She suspected a malpractice. Ms. McGuire hired an expert witness to confirm that the nurse on duty was not providing normal medical care. The witness referee was also a professional nurse with years of experience. The expert went through medical records and imaging tests. The witness found that the nurse left a foreign body about 11.3 cm long during the procedure. He went through the files and submitted expert reports to the court. According to witness statements, plaintiff Julie McGuire was awarded $ 5 million in damages.

Legal Medical Consulting are legal experts for medical cases in Dallas TX. Your witness experts provide impartial, credible, and evidence-based expert testimony.

According to Dr. McNew,

“Our expert can explain the scientific terminology in such a way that the jury can understand medical terms even without prior knowledge.”

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With over 33 years of knowledge, experience and successful results, Legal Medical Consulting connects the worlds of law, healthcare, nursing and medicine so that lawyers can support their case in litigation. With their knowledge and expertise, the company helps to identify, synthesize, integrate, interpret and communicate relevant medical documents and information on health processes that are directly related to a customer’s case.