4. Learning in practice

The business world is constantly evolving as new ideas lead to innovations in business practices and models in the age of continuous technological disruption.

Our students not only need a holistic understanding of business fundamentals, but also the ability to apply and develop their understanding in different industries, countries and cultures and rapidly changing environments.

With their research focus, our faculties thoroughly understand the fundamentals of business concepts and continuously analyze the challenges and changes that business environments are constantly facing today. The faculties use their well-founded, evidence-based knowledge of their subject areas when designing our courses. Active participation in research and research enables our faculty to provide our students with a critical look at the fundamentals of business and how to deal with evolving challenges. Critical thinking, a fundamental part of researching and dealing with a developing business environment, is anchored in all of our degree programs.

Enriched by a practice-oriented perspective, our research-active faculties enable our learners to combine theory and practice, apply knowledge in context and develop comparative advantages. By actively promoting the diversity of views and backgrounds in our community, we enable our learners to learn from one another and to challenge their mindsets.

Experience-based learning is fundamental to our approach to ensuring that our learners can apply what they have learned in a variety of different industries and environments. This gives our learners a holistic view of the business environment. The faculty helps them develop problem-solving skills and grow as business leaders by providing a platform for them to experiment and practice. Learners apply these skills in the real world on four continents and apply their knowledge of industries, markets and cultures in projects where they need to summarize the knowledge and skills acquired in their courses. This has been developed through our extensive partnerships with industry leaders. Benefiting from advanced research and business practice, our learners develop the critical thinking skills necessary to analyze, evaluate, and deliver sustainable solutions to business and broader social problems. These experiences cross organizational boundaries and intellectual disciplines, and learners build relationships with the organization and contribute to the community and its network.

The professional development is an integral part of the commercial training at the LBS in order to prepare our apprentices for effective and efficient work. Outside of the classroom, the school and community work together to provide additional professional development through coaching, mentoring, and career support. Learners in the degree take part in global experience and exchange programs with other renowned business schools around the world. The student-led club activities enable them to connect with their peers across a variety of subjects, interests, and affinity groups. Executive education learners are exposed to collaboration with peers from other institutions and organizations such as the Global Business Consortium.

To promote ongoing research and innovation in business and education, the faculty supports our internationally renowned PhD program, which attracts talented individuals from leading global institutions. PhD students are supported and mentored by our world-class faculty, with whom they work closely to develop the research and learning environment. Many of our PhD students have later made high profile academic careers in prestigious business schools around the world.

Achieving meaningful impact is at the heart of the school’s approach to learning. It is fundamental to our goal to transform and expand people as people and in their careers. The learning experience is complemented by opportunities to develop critical leadership, problem solving, and strategic decision-making skills. Learners work with experts who encourage them to reflect critically on their thinking, develop a real growth mentality, and fearlessly pursue their goals and ambitions. The success of the school’s hands-on approach enables students to quickly achieve success in their careers; This is shown by the fact that over 90% of our graduates accept a job offer within three months of graduation.