By Henry Uche, Lagos

Lagos Business School (LBS) has launched a decade of strategic plan to sustain its long-term vision and mission.

At the school’s 30th anniversary / 2021 Alumni Day, hosted by EMBA 1 Class, with the theme: Unleashing the potential of the Nigerian digital economy for economic recovery, Dean Chris Ogbechie revealed that the strategic plan for the next decade consists of: five pillars.

In his opinion, Pillar One offers a remarkable participant experience that includes preparing participants and students for the future of work. The second pillar is major research that solves business, social, and institutional problems; The third pillar strengthens engagement, which means that the LBS maintains its partnerships with alumni, the government and social communities at local and international levels.

The fourth pillar targets people, processes, systems, culture and values, which includes strengthening the internal process in support of the vision; and the fifth pillar aims to strengthen its internalization and maintain all accreditations; Research, programming, lecturer and student exchange with other international business schools.

Ogbechie reiterated that the alumni had embraced the mission of their founding members of the association to “create an oasis of sanity in society” and indicated that the wealth and sustainability of global business schools rests in the hands of their alumni.

“We need to set the standard to address important challenges that affect us now and will inevitably affect our future. As we have witnessed the gradual but steady global shift to other forms of national income for economic survival and sustainability, we need to examine and use these new perspectives to stay relevant on the global stage. ‘

He added that Nigeria is only realizing a fraction of its digital economic potential, despite being one of the largest youth populations in the world and well positioned to develop a strong digital economy, hence the need to learn and grow more digitally do rich becomes paramount.

“The wealth and sustainability of global business schools are in the hands of their alumni. So I call on all of our alumni and friends gathered today to support us with their 4 T’s (Time, Talent, Tribe & Treasure) to ensure that Lagos Business School continues to raise the bar in management education , which is critical to effective education National Building. We want to continue to produce executives who are ethically sound and brave enough to make a difference, ”he said.

Regarding the Nigerian economy, one economist, Dr. Doyin Salami, that if Nigeria has to move forward, it has to break free from the mentality of the 1970s: “Other countries have moved on, Nigeria cannot afford to stay behind.”

Salami added that if Nigeria is to restore its economy to its former glory, human capacities must be greatly improved and manufacturing sectors like China must be diligently tackled. He found that people cannot see opportunities to explore unless they are trained enough in a secure environment.

He added that the need to rebuild the social contract between the government and the governed is of paramount importance if confidence in the government is to be restored. “If there is no transparency, there is a problem. We are doing our best in the advisory board, but a consensus among the elites has to be checked, ”he said.

The chairman, a senior partner at TLcom Capital, Omobola Johnson, stated that digital infrastructure, skills and platforms are essential for economic growth, development and maintenance.

In her view, the federal government needs to increase its cybersecurity for well-meaning Nigerians to explore the digital space for economic development.

Other experts claimed that backward integration, real-time mentoring, training, retraining, and other forms of assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs are essential in bringing the spotlight to unsung entrepreneurs, industrialists, digital disruptors, and resource managers across the board.

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