Kent State University has announced plans for a new College of Business building worth $ 74 million.

Officially renamed Ambassador Crawford College of Business and Entrepreneurship, the construction will be funded in part by what is officially the greatest gift from the businessman and former Ambassador to Ireland Edward Crawford to the university.

“Ambassador Crawford and his son Matt were incredibly successful business people and entrepreneurs. If they recognize this in our college and work with us on this new building and the college names are theirs forever, I couldn’t be happier with the partnership, ”said Dean Deborah Spake.

University President Todd Diacon didn’t want to say how much Crawford is donating to the school.

“We really want to focus on the story of the ambassador, the generosity of the ambassador and certainly the bright future of the state of Kent. The amount of the award is publicly available and will be made available, ”said Diacon.

It is unclear when this information will be released.

The university has declined to disclose the amount of Crawford’s contribution, but nearly a third of the total budget of $ 74 million comes from major donations.

Construction of the building is scheduled to begin in December and be completed in three years.