Gurgaon is one of the fastest growing and commercialized cities in the country. With the multinational environment and more than 500 MNCs in the city, it is one of the largest corporate locations in the country. Given the booming industries, the education sector is also maintaining its pace to meet the supply and demand of recruiters. The idea is very simple. Having educational institutions right where the recruiters provide great hands-on insight into the things you are learning in a classroom and also better job opportunities in the area where you received your formal education.

In turn, this has also encouraged healthy competition between the educational institutes in Gurgaon. With the opening of new colleges and trying to make a name for their students in the market, the slightly older institutes constantly strive to develop and keep their curriculum in line with the demands of the industry. This has led to a common growth of all universities and at the same time the quality of the students has only improved.

Among all the institutes of this industrial city, JK Business School (JKBS), one of the leading B-Schools in Asia (ASSOCHAM) made a good impression. With phenomenal numbers in terms of recruiting and also ensuring that student living standards are never compromised, the JKBS takes a more holistic approach to their student development. When it comes to competition, JKBS tries to secure the top positions in all aspects.

JK Business School (JKBS) is a member of the JK Organization (one of the leading private sector groups in India) with a long history of contributing to the Indian economy through various industries and educational initiatives. JKBS was founded in 2006 in Gurgaon (Haryana) to train the new graduates in management. JKBS was founded amid the rise and influx of information technology and new business models emerging. The JK Business School (JKBS) works to equip future managers and equip them for the challenges in the emerging markets. Industry institute interface is an important part of your training process.

The JKBS is recognized as the best business school in India year after year; JKBS is one of the 40 best B schools in India. It secured 3rd place in GHRDC-CSR’s Top B-Schools of Eminence survey; ranked 23rd in Best Private B Schools in India by Education World Ranking; it was Top 38. Private Business School in Business World Ranking; It was named one of the top 10 best global institutes for marketing programs by The Knowledge Review and was recognized as an outstanding B-school with the best infrastructure at the 17th World Education Summit, organized by Elets Technomedia. It is indeed one of the most popular PGDM institutes for management aspirants in Gurugram.

JK Business school has established its credibility in the marketplace not only for its flagship PGDM program but also for its BBA program. The Global Human Resource Development Center awarded JKBS the 11th place in India and the Rising Star Award in 2020 for exceptional achievement in BBA education. While the PGDM at JKBS was approved by the AICTE, the Department of Human Resources, the Government and the Department of Human Rights. from India; the BBA program is affiliated with Gurugram University, a state university owned by the government. from Haryana.

The JKBS’s PGDM course is among the best offered by any educational institution in the region.

Below is the curriculum for six trimesters spread over 2 years –

  • Trimester 1 Includes – Financial Reporting, Statements and Analysis, Business Analysis, Business Administration, Management Perspective, Marketing Management, Computer Applications for Business and Business Communication
  • Trimester 2 includes – Organizational Behavior, Business Analytics-2, Economic Environment of Business, and in-depth studies in Finance and Marketing Management, Production and Operations Management, Human Resource Management and Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Trimester 3 Includes – Financial Management-2, Management Skills for Effectiveness, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Market Research and Strategic Management
  • Trimester 4 includes a summer internship project and an in-depth study of project management
  • Trimester 5 comprises the core course Legal Environment of Business and 6 electives
  • Trimester 6 includes a final research project and study of 3 electives

Details of the above information can be found on the JKBS website.

Limited seats are only available against withdrawal. The entrance to the PGDM 2021-23 will be closed shortly. Further information can be found on the JK Business School website, Click here.

There are a number of electives a student can choose in the final 4 trimesters.

List of available subjects for electives in trimester 3

  • Sales and sales management
  • Consumer behavior
  • Digital marketing and analysis
  • Supply chain and logistics management Logistics
  • Management simulation games
  • Management accounting for decision making

List of available subjects for electives in trimester 4

  • Business forecasting
  • Marketing of services
  • Integrated marketing communication
  • Financial derivatives
  • Investment analysis and portfolio management
  • Merger, takeover & corporate restructuring
  • Employee engagement and performance management
  • Intercultural management
  • Outsourced manufacturing and global supply chain
  • Banks and financial markets
  • Continuous Quality Improvement: Tools and Techniques
  • Customer relationship management

List of subjects available for electives in trimester 5-

  • Product and brand management
  • Retail management
  • Asset management
  • Risk management
  • International finance
  • Financial services management
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Industrial Relations & Welfare Management (Compensation)
  • Lean supply chain
  • Operations and supply chain analysis
  • Predictive analytics
  • Innovation and start-up policy

List of available subjects for electives in trimester 6-

  • Decision support system for managers
  • Business negotiation and marketing strategy skills
  • Cooperatives and manufacturing companies
  • New product development
  • Applied natural language processing
  • Decision making under uncertainty

When it comes to placements, JKBS has always posted great numbers. There are a number of companies that visit the JKBS for campus employment. 20% of the students from the PGDM 2021 class were placed at Big Four companies. Earnest & Young, PWC, Aditya Birla Group, BYJUS, JK Tech, Raymonds, Berger Paints, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, BigBasket, Jio, Amazon, HP, Maruti Suzuki, Britannia, Samsung, Decathlon are actively recruiting from JKBS. In the final placement cycle, the majority of students were hired in marketing and finance. The highest campus placement at home and abroad for 2021 is 16 lakhs PA and 24 lakhs PA, respectively, with over 80 companies offering internships to college students. There were also a number of international recruiters who made healthy offers to the students. The summer internships were also very numerous. 100 percent paid internships were made available to the students. Students achieved excellent rankings due to carefully planned sessions for soft skills training and additional sessions and certifications made available to students through Linkedin Learning and POAB (Program Outcome Assessment Board) assessments. Above all, the unique learning philosophy of JKBS has always been three-pronged, which they call “The JKBS Tri-Edge” – the three pillars of knowledge, namely technically adept curriculum, strong industry interface and beyond academic activities.

With a full-fledged college, JKBS encourages students to experience hostel living to become more responsible and independent. With separate youth hostels for boys and girls, which are equipped with all amenities such as in-house chaos, WiFi, canteen and laundry, a healthy and safe environment is promoted in the youth hostel.

The university’s infrastructure is very important, especially when it comes to providing students with various facilities for educational and health purposes. The college is basically like a second home for the students, a place where they can identify themselves, shape their careers and be expertly accompanied in order to go the right way. JK Business School – the Top PGDM College of Gurugram – clearly understands the importance of infrastructure to student and faculty life and has provided all kinds of facilities that are beneficial to their careers. There are a number of clubs and boards in the college that cater to all of the students’ hobbies and also ensure that development isn’t just limited to the classrooms.

This makes the JK Business School one of the best business schools in the country. The PGDM course offered by the school ensures that every student has the knowledge according to the requirements of the industry, but at the same time can also learn certain niche subjects of their choice through the medium of electives.

The entry for PGDM 2021-23 will be closed shortly. More information about JK Business School, Click here.

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