Cambridge Judge Business School and Esme Learning, the AI-powered digital learning platform, have announced a collaboration to advance the career development of professionals across frontiers.

The multi-year collaboration begins with the first two six-week online training programs for managers:

• Startup Funding: From pre-seed to exit, helping entrepreneurs overcome the toughest startup funding challenges.
• RegTech: AI for Financial Regulation, Risk and Compliance that prepares executives in the risk, compliance, innovation and data sectors to tackle the complexities of the industry, including technologies like AI and machine learning that support automated regulation.

Successful program participants receive a certificate from the Cambridge Judge Business School. The first presentation of Startup Funding, conducted with the Entrepreneurship Center, will begin on October 13, 2021. The first presentation of RegTech, conducted with the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF), will begin on October 20, 2021. Registration for both programs closes one week after the start. Esme Learning will offer additional presentations for both programs in 2022.

“We are excited that Cambridge Judge Business School has joined our growing family of university partners to provide critical knowledge and skills for building tomorrow’s workforce,” said David Shrier, CEO and co-founder of Esme Learning. “Our suite of programs with Cambridge Judge Business School integrates Esme Learning’s measurable, collaborative approach to online learning with the school’s internationally renowned tradition of research and action. The result is two programs that provide actionable insights for business leaders that advance the state of the art in digital learning. “


The RegTech program provides critical insights and practical tools for government and industrial professionals to address an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

In this program, professionals will:
• Identify new applications and revenue opportunities for RegTech solutions – including technologies such as big data, cloud computing and AI
• Understand model-driven, machine-readable, and executable regulations to scale a business
• Learn from executives who started the Regulatory Genome Project, a transformation initiative launched in part by the CCAF, to sequence an open source repository of machine-readable regulatory information
• Run RegSimple, a tool developed from the Regulatory Genome Project to simplify and accelerate the regulatory compliance process for businesses and to facilitate new regulations and guidelines for governments

Leading luminaries in CCAF regulation and risk at Cambridge Judge Business School will teach the program, including:
• Program Director, Robert (Bob) Wardrop: Professor of Management Practice and Director of CCAF
• Faculty, Emmanuel (Manos) Schizas: Research Associate & Lead in Regulation and RegTech
• Faculty, Simone di Castri: Senior Lecturer at the Center for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship


The Startup Funding: From Pre-Seed to Exit course at Cambridge Judge Business School goes beyond what new founders and experienced founders need to understand when raising capital – especially in the earliest financing phases of a venture (Seed to Series B). The program will cover in detail how to start a venture and navigate critical turning points along a company’s growth path to achieve either a successful exit or long-term operational profitability.

The University of Cambridge has been responsible for over 140 startups since 2011, and these companies have raised over £ 1.9 billion in equity investments in more than 400 rounds. Notable spin-outs include gene therapy company Quethera, voice-controlled AI platform VocalIQ, and AI cyber defense company Darktrace.

The Startup Funding Program is designed to empower entrepreneurs and provides the tools and insights to:
• Structure a new company so that it is more attractive to investors
• Position companies effectively and target potential investors by communicating product value to encourage investment
• Increase efficiency in the fundraising process
• Optimize the negotiated terms of the funding received
• Develop and use a strong entrepreneurial mindset

In addition to leading the Cambridge RegTech program, Robert Wardrop will also serve as program director for the Cambridge Startup Funding program. Participants learn from other industry leaders including:
• Faculty, Stylianos (Stelios) Kavadias: Margaret Thatcher Professor of Business Studies in Innovation and Growth; Co-director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, CJBS; Academic Director, Advanced Leadership Program.
• Guide, Ariane de Bonvoisin: Startup leader and consultant for Union Square Ventures, Twitter and Google.


Both programs, produced by Esme Learning in collaboration with faculties and staff at Cambridge Judge Business School, will feature high quality tutorial videos; interactive, cutting edge media such as podcasts and articles; and correlating formative scores that test knowledge retention.

Esme Learning programs are carefully designed with learning design principles that emphasize measurement and feedback. Learners have numerous opportunities to immediately apply program knowledge through live simulations and small group exercises that simulate work scenarios. Esme Learning’s AI coach uses 15 years of cognitive science research to intelligently analyze peer-to-peer interactions in small groups and suggest individual feedback per learner to ensure productive and rewarding group collaboration.