As long as Jeanniery Gonzalez can remember, she has been someone who sees humanity in people and in business.

Gonzalez, a graduate of the University of Houston-Victoria School of Business Administration, sees the value of everyone in a company and wants to be a positive force in her new role as a procurement manager for a company that helps children with autism.

“I believe that when you are in the right position, you can create change at all levels of a company for the best of all of the people in the company,” said Gonzalez. “I think everyone has potential.”

Gonzalez, a resident of Katy, completed her Strategic Master of Business Administration in Finance and Management at UHV this spring. She did her Bachelor in International Business in Nicaragua, her home country. Gonzalez has worked his way up in a variety of leadership positions over the past decade.

After getting married and moving to Katy from Houston, Gonzalez decided to earn a degree in business administration. She wanted to learn more about how to be an influential leader, as well as academic and corporate industries. She became a UHV student in August 2019 and balanced as a full-time purchasing manager for an e-commerce medical supplies company with a student, mother and wife.

Gonzalez was always energetic during her classes, said Jifu Wang, assistant dean for international initiatives at the UHV School of Business Administration. She is a student who has demonstrated independence, cooperation and leadership qualities in her courses “Leadership / Change” and “Seminar in Strategic Management”, he said.

During the UHV School of Business Administration’s annual Master of Business Administration Case Conference in May, Gonzalez took on the project leadership of her team on strategic analysis and recommendations for Sysco. Although her team was not at the top, Wang was impressed with the work of the team and Gonzalez’s leadership.

She also initiated a partnership between the company she worked for and Wang in hopes of connecting UHV business students with future internship opportunities. Wang was also delighted to join the Business Student Association, a student organization dedicated to promoting business education by providing students with the opportunity to interact with local business leaders and network with other business students.

“Jeanniery knows how to get a group to work together and is very professional,” said Wang. “She is a great leader and has impressed me with her leadership skills. She is very energetic in every task that lies ahead of her and is an alumna who wants to help the university as much as possible. “

In February, Gonzalez was only a few months from graduation and was ready for a new professional challenge. She started applying for jobs. The week she graduated virtually, she was offered a job as a purchasing manager at BlueSprig Pediatrics Inc., a chain of therapy centers for children with autism.

During her interview, Gonzalez shared her previous work experience and MBA journey. Her MBA made a difference in her interview and she thinks she is ready for her new position, she said. In her new position, she works with all departments in the company to ensure that the processes are coordinated. She also works directly with the company’s chief administrative officer.

Her MBA journey has helped her think about how to streamline processes and take a close look at data and every decision made. In addition, she learned about the rights of a company and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA for short, in a personnel course.

“Everything happened in the right place at the right time,” she says. “I learned so much from my professors. It wasn’t just about education and motivation, it was also the direction my educational experience took me and I hope future students will have the same experience. “

As an alumna, Gonzalez wants to give something back to her alma mater in every possible way. She contacted Rosie McCusker, student recruitment and public relations manager for the UHV School of Business Administration about ways she could support UHV, including a guest speaker during the school’s annual alumni week.

There are several ways that School of Business Administration alumni can get active with UHV, McCusker said. Some of these opportunities include speaking to students, sharing their experiences on UHV social media, and participating as panelists during the annual Bachelor of Business Administration and MBA Case Conferences. Alumni can also recommend executives for the Advisory Board of the Dean’s Office of the School of Business Administration.

“I look forward to continuing to work with Jeanniery as an alumna,” said McCusker. “For us it is worthwhile when the students stay active at the university. Your specialist knowledge is valuable, can inspire students and is well reflected in our university if our alumni stay with them. “

Ultimately, Gonzalez would like to further develop her commercial training and positively influence the business world. She values ​​the help she has received from her professors and UHV staff, including McCusker. Gonzalez looks forward to being an active UHV alumna.

“I believe in helping others and inspiring others to believe in themselves,” she said.