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I don’t understand why lobbying and “policy advice” is a legal and acceptable practice.
It’s just whitewashed bribery and political corruption.

These entities have no ethics whatsoever. Not even an ethics-on-paper policy on the show.

The whole point of industry is to divert, pervert, and corrupt our government from the interests of its constituents.

The whole aim of his “service” is to refuse or abuse the consent of the governed.

What made matters worse is that our government is now employing the same “family of advisors” to lobby and consult with them directly.

How much money has the city of Portland spent lobbying?

Why do these supposedly grassroots action groups need lobbyists?

Why do we allow a small and limited number of certain lawyers and politicians to hijack our government in order to enrich themselves and improve their own social status?

It is clear that their goal is to perpetuate and monetize conflicts rather than actually resolving them or shifting the hub to something.

Why do otherwise ethical journalists give these characters more power, but give the everyday Portlanders a voice?

maybe we’ll find out sooner or later