IMAGE Media has been working with UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School for 14 years to offer a female candidate a 100 percent scholarship for the full-time MBA or part-time Executive MBA.

Sophie Carey, MBA Program Director at UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School, shared her seven secrets to professional success with us. You can find out more about the scholarship here.

1. Boost your self-confidence

Everyone has a weakness or an area where they could improve their knowledge … but that is in the nature of the MBA. The MBA curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from finance to marketing, organizational behavior, data analysis and more. When you get to know your cohort, you quickly find that they share the same concerns. During the course of the program, fellow students learn from each other as well as from the faculty and the curriculum. Your confidence will increase.

2. Develop and learn new skills

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) integrated throughout the MBA is a unique opportunity for you to learn leadership on an individual, team and organizational level. Through a series of structured workshops, self-reflection tasks that include a psychometric test, executive coaching and masterclasses from industry experts, you will develop the skills necessary for effective and impactful leadership.

UCD smurf school

3. Expand your network

UCD Smurfit School has an extensive alumni network of over 95,000 people around the world and a community of over 4,000 MBA alumni embedded in industries with diverse roles.

Networking with alumni offers excellent opportunities to expand your own network. Thanks to our small class size, you will get to know your fellow students very well in contrast to many other MBA programs. In addition, our faculty, actively involved industrial partners and advisory board members offer advice and inspiration.

4. Broaden your career horizons

Taking an MBA is an opportunity to reflect on your career and learn about a number of roles and industries that are potentially open to you. A special Career Development Center offers unlimited one-on-one interviews for personalized career advice, resume reviews, interview coaching, workshops, industry-specific networking events and mentoring programs.

This support is vital as we know that MBA students have very different career goals and experience levels.

5. Invest in your future

Within three months of graduation, the 2020 full-time MBA course saw an average salary increase of 77% and 100% were hired within five months of graduation. In UCD Smurfit School’s 2019 Executive MBA class, 80% of students were promoted within 12 months of graduation.

Not only is there evidence that an MBA is good for your career and advancement opportunities, but you can also apply your insights to your current role and be able to better understand, collaborate, and communicate business areas.

6. Leave your comfort zone

During your MBA program, you will be exposed to new experiences and will meet and work with fellow students from different professional and geographic backgrounds.

In a time of accelerating globalization, the UCD College of Business has developed a state-of-the-art Intercultural Development Program (ICD) – the only systematic program for intercultural competence in the country. Tailor-made sessions are offered for the MBA program.

7. Challenge yourself

An MBA will challenge you, among other things, dealing with subjects that you have never studied and organizational tasks that you have never tried.

Perhaps you are an accountant and have never studied Marketing or HR, or you are a pharmacist and want to learn more about digital transformation and data analysis. These are the growth opportunities an MBA program can offer to challenge you and improve your career prospects for life.

Learn more about the UCD Smurfit School’s MBA programs here. Our new option, the Modular Executive MBA program, is specifically designed for people with a busy schedule, including candidates working overseas or outside of Dublin.